Four ACe’s

A brief trip to Joshua on the BNSF Fort Worth Sub this morning at first reaped this photo of a northbound empty grain train with four units up front at the north siding switch.

On the radio I heard this train going on up to Crowley to meet a southbound loaded coal train with an SD70Ace leading. I camped out here at the north switch and before long recorded the BNSF 9026 and 8789 SD70ACe’s heading down the main line.

One hundred twenty or so hoppers later, I discovered BNSF 8484 and 8565 SD70ACe’s bringing up the rear. It is more the norm to see a mix of Progress Rail and WABCO/GE power on these trains, so I was quite pleased with this catch.

Radio chatter indicated the loaded coal would meet a northbound empty rock train at the north end of Cleburne. As the climbing sun was now perpendicular to the tracks, I drove a few blocks south to this spot where I had more open space to take this broadside view of the northbound.

Four aces is a pretty good poker hand and I will more than settle for catching four ACe’s together on this brief outing.

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  1. What a great reading Ken! Thank you for braving these super hot temperatures to record the activity.

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