Central of Georgia on a Rainy Afternoon

Yesterday afternoon September 1st an approaching cold front was generating a line of thunderstorms to the west of Fort Worth. I had learned earlier in the day that Norfolk Southern 8101, their Central of Georgia heritage locomotive, was leading the westbound ZAILC known as the “Laser”. Driving over to Aledo before the train was indicated to pass Fort Worth I set up in my “go to” spot next to the old Iona depot.

Just before 4:00 pm the dispatcher called the ZAILC on the radio and told them they would be held at Iona until 4:45 pm due to a high wind warning further west. This allowed the dispatcher to bring an eastbound intermodal up the grade through Aledo at 4:14 pm.

The sun popped out for a moment to illuminate the stacks against the black sky to the west.

The eastbound cleared up at Iona, and apparently the high wind warning was lifted a few minutes early as at 4:34 pm my target train rolled west through town for this sequence.

I have caught this locomotive already when it was cleaner and in better light, but this close to home it was hard to resist. A following westbound was lead by the KCS 4009 Employee Salute locomotive, but I learned it would not leave Fort Worth until after 8:00 pm. I headed on home as the heavier rain started, and by this morning we have received 4.5 inches to help our grass and trees.

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