Weather And Wildlife

Weather And Wildlife

On Friday July 29th in Flagstaff, I got up early to do some work for a client. As I was ready to leave my room I checked on Amtrak Train Four and saw it was around two and 1/2 hours late this day and would pass Flagstaff shortly after 7:00 am instead of an on-time 4:37 am in darkness. I decided to catch it again on my way out of town, but this time at East Flagstaff instead of at the depot. The passenger train was quickly accelerating as it passed my location at 7:10 am with a green signal displayed at East Flagstaff.

Passing through Ash Fork later on I stopped to fly the drone for this view of the city water tower still sporting the Santa fe logo with the Phoenix Sub on the right.

That afternoon I paused to photograph this building thunderstorm southeast of Ash Fork.

There was a pile of rocks nearby and I had not noticed until now that I had a curious audience to my photo taking activity.

This little ground squirrel was having a snack and as long as I was still it was unconcerned with any threat I might pose. After I took my portrait and started to leave it disappeared into the rock pile in a split second.

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