A Critical One Minute Of Sun

Today December 7th, the BNSF ran an officer’s special south out of Tulsa over the ex-Frisco Creek and Madill Subs on its way to Houston with an overnight stop in Teague tonight. I left the house in time to drive to the Carrollton area where I checked out several locations before deciding on a spot just north of the Frankford Road crossing. The day had started out clear, but clouds increased from the west as the afternoon progressed.

At 2:59 pm when I spotted the headlight in the distance there was no sun and I figured my time spent on this trip would be for naught. But then at 3:00 pm as the train was only a few hundred yards away, a sucker hole in the clouds opened up and I had full sun as the train rolled by.

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Unit #6179 had been washed for this occasion!

As I took a going away photo showing the theater car passing over Frankford Road, four masked people appeared to be deep in conversation.

The sun was completely gone again only seconds after this last photo, and I was very happy with my luck as I headed back home.

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