SD40-2’s on a Class One Railroad

All the Class One railroads in the United States still employ EMD SD40-2’s for one use or another, but their numbers are slowly declining. This is why whenever I have the opportunity to photograph any out on the main line I try to never pass it up. Such was the case on July 8th on the UP’s Baird Sub when I heard over the radio the eastbound Abilene local was heading to the siding at Earls east of Weatherford to meet a westbound intermodal. SD40-2 number 1596 was leading, so I set up in one of my favorite spots across from the signal at milepost 270.5 where the westbound intermodal came by at 11:11 am.

I was surprised but spotted it in time to turn and get this view of the second unit, one of the few remaining ex-CNW’s in service.

After 20 minutes the Abilene Local showed up with a bonus of three SD40-2’s and one SD60M. The sun angle was not perfect but Lightroom helped to soften the shadows.

The SD60M sadly bore the ever increasing stain of a tagger’s work.

Not bad catches for only a few minutes effort!

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