Both Sides of UP 1988

The UP 1988 Katy heritage unit is another one of their six that I have caught many times, but I can never pass it up as the M-K-T was one of my favorite railroads and red is my favorite color. On the morning of Sunday May 30th I had an errand to run and I managed to catch the UP 1988 leading a southbound train out of Davidson Yard as it came around the corner at Tower 55. Here are two views of the engineer’s side of the unit at 9:14 am.

I figured these two photos would be it for this occasion, but the train had to stop at Ney Yard to wait on northbound traffic. In the end I had time to run my errand and get into position south of the yard when the train came by over two hours later at 11:28 am. Not much scenery here but at least it was an open shot with no power lines in the background.

My goal of yet another successful photo session with the 1988 accomplished, I headed back home.

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