A Brief Visit on Sunday Morning

On the morning of Sunday April 11th I headed to Arizona Street on the east side of the tracks south of Tower 55. There I met my friend Ethan Whetstone down from Norman, Oklahoma along with his grandmother and young cousin. They were in the process of taking Ethan back to Norman after we caught a few trains here. Before they arrived, at 9:24 am BNSF obliged me with a northbound empty grain train that I framed up with the signal bungalow.

A single DPU brought up the rear.

Ethan and company arrived before another northbound BNSF train arrived at 10:15 am. BNSF 3921 led a northbound loaded rock train.

I captured these two views of Ethan as the train went by.

Close behind at 10:30 am was a third BNSF northbound, this time with just one unit on the point.

Two DPU’s were pushing on the rear, one of which was a warbonnet survivor.

Next up at 10:53 am was a southbound UP manifest heading down to Ney Yard for a crew change.

As soon as the rear end of this southbound came to a stop just south of our position, a fourth northbound BNSF train rolled through at 11:02 am.

This empty grain had three units up front.

At this point it was time for Ethan to pack up for the trip back home to Norman.

We said our good bye’s and parted ways. I heard on the radio that the southbound UP we had caught earlier was getting a track warrant to leave town on the MIdlothian Sub. I drove to the crossing just south of the junction where at 11:47 am I photographed this train for the second time.

I cannot think of a better way to spend a Sunday morning!

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