Two Days Around Fort Worth – Part One

On Sunday July 26th friend Mark St. Aubin was in town for two days and I promised to help him find some trains to photograph. Fort Worth & Western was quiet, so we went over to Arizona Street on the southeast side of Tower 55 to catch Amtrak 21 and 22 along with anything else that might be running. At 2:07pm Train 22 swept past us on the way to meet Train 21 at the station.

Seven minutes Later Train 21 came by on its way to San Antonio.

I surely hope Amtrak management fails to cut these trains back to three times a week. Once Trains 22 and 21 had cleared and UP ran several trains east and west, a southbound BNSF manifest was next up to cross Tower 55.

We decided to head north after this train but did not get far before the radio alerted us to a coal load leaving Saginaw. As it was Sunday and the parking lot would probably be empty we stopped off at Tindal Square.

A few minutes later the loaded coal roared by with a green signal to pass Tower 55.

The train had two up front and three DPU’s, the view of which was blocked by a tree.

We arrived at Saginaw just a minute late to get a photo of the power switching the elevator along the Wichita Falls Sub and I settled for this telephoto view of Omnitrax ex-DM&IR SD9e number 1751.

Continuing north at the south end of Alliance Yard we caught this transfer job heading down to North Yard with two SD75M’s and a GP39E.

Driving by the Wabco/GE locomotive factory we pulled over for this view of a rebuilt Norfolk Southern unit, now designated as an AC44C6M.

With nothing else close by we called it a day here and decided to make an earlier start on Monday morning.

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