Dedicated Railfan

On the morning of Saturday July 25th I stopped by the railfan hang out at the old SP Kosse depot in Saginaw and met up with Ethan Whetstone. A relative of Ethan’s had brought him down from Norman, OK to video trains.

I visited with Ethan and passed along a few items for his upcoming 14th birthday. Before long Amtrak 821 passed by on the last leg of its trip down from Oklahoma City.

Ethan and the Amtrak engineer exchanged waves as P42 #53 banged over the diamonds.

Ethan asked about other nearby locations so I led his party of two down to the linear park on the south side of the Trinity River and the four railroad bridges. The city needs to mow the grass here but we did manage to catch two freights and a TEXRail train here. I photographed this northbound BNSF train with two locomotives up front and one DPU.

I needed to head back home, so I left Ethan and his relative here. Following the UP west out of Davidson Yard I overtook a westbound “Z” train, and thanks to the westbound grade I managed to beat the train to the location of what used to be the west end of Iona siding.

The intermodal train was a long one and I expected to see a DPU on the rear, but that was not the case.

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