Fall in Aledo

Today I drove the few miles to Aledo, Texas to have an early lunch at “Poquito Mas” (A Little More).  When I arrive the “79 Local” from Fort Worth to Abilene was beginning to switch the industrial siding for the Bryant elevator.  I can remember a few years back when the regular power was a pair of GP60’s, but now it is anything six-axle on the UP roster.  Today’s power was a pair of aging SD70M’s that were ready to head west with their short train when I came out of the restaurant after an always excellent meal with a view of the tracks.  I picked up my camera from the car and stepped into the open space next to the cafe to frame up this view between a tree and a church steeple as the train started to pull.

Too bad nothing passes for Fall colors around here, so you will have to take the visual cue that the leaves are on the ground instead of on the tree that winter is just around the corner.



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