Saturday’s FWCR

I had some material to drop off at FWWR Hodge Yard on Saturday February 3rd and I had been alerted earlier there were four BNSF B40-8W’s and one Dash 9-44CW from the GE Plant that were going to Cresson on Sunday’s FWCR and then on to Cleburne for storage in a secure location.  I was planning on getting a close look at the old locomotives but as I arrived at Hodge I heard on the radio that FWCR had been moved up from Sunday to right now and was about to leave the yard.  I quickly relocated to the south side of Tower 60 and monitored FWCR’s conversation with the BNSF Fort Worth Sub dispatcher that they would be held for one BNSF and one UP train before proceeding.  Just after 3:00pm the BNSF 4458 South banged across their FWWR diamond leading a merchandise train.

Twenty-five minutes passed and the UP 7296 leading an ethanol train eased across their Choctaw Main One diamond almost paralleling the FWWR at this point.

Two trains had passed but in the following minutes the BNSF dispatcher did not line up for the FWCR.  A few minutes later the UP 8202 South, a coal load on the Duncan Sub, crossed in front of the FWCR as the sun continued to emerge.

After the coal train’s DPU’s cleared the diamond the FWCR called the dispatcher again and asked how many more.  The answer was “watch for your signal” and within a minute they were on the move towards Cresson.

I drove on ahead to the area of Mustang Creek which I could see from a distance was free of clouds.  I waited around thirty minutes at the side of Winscott Plover Road and was rewarded with this well-lit view of the FWWR 2026, 2015, and 2026 under power with the BNSF 511, 536, 502, 500, 674 and seventy or more cars in tow.

The train quickly slowed to around twenty mph on the grade and I stopped again about a mile further west for another good side view.

I paused at the grade crossing just west of here for another shot of the whole train and then each of the BNSF units in tow.

Up by the storage yard on the east side of Cresson where another siding is being added I paused for a view on the other side of the train.

The low sun was in the process of disappearing behind a cloud on the western horizon so I settled for one more photo at the Henson Lumber crossing.

Since the train would have my easy exit from Cresson towards home via Highway 377 blocked until after its passage I settled in to watch the freight cars pass.  It turned out to be worthwhile as I spotted one of the handful of FWWR owned cars.

Now that this weekend’s FWCR had run a day earlier than normal I would be back on Sunday to follow the 504 Cresson Yard job taking the units on to Cleburne for storage.


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